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Whether in an equestrian setting, in a classic cottage, or in a full-sized house, Double H Ranch is a relaxed choice to experience Stonepine Estate. The ranch was once the oldest thoroughbred racing farm west of the Mississippi. An active outdoors lifestyle of hiking and biking is enjoyed here. Blessed with the temperate climate and natural beauty of renowned Carmel Valley, its hundreds of acres offers a variety of experiences.

This expansive Western-style ranch, with its fine houses, cottages, bunkhouse and barns, imparts an experience that inspires the imagination. Its history is intriguing and everywhere you see it is being honored, preserved, and enhanced. The Ranch was established in 1927 by the original owner, Henry Potter Russell, founder of the California Thoroughbred Breeder’s Association. Famous race horses, such as Kentucky Derby-winner Majestic Prince, were at times working out at the ranch.

In addition to accommodations and equestrian pursuits, the Double H Ranch Country Grille completes the picture with delicious, western-style offerings.

About Us

Owners Gordon and Noel Hentschel are well-known entrepreneurs in the hotel and travel sectors. They purchased the property in 1983 and named it Stonepine after the majestic, 80 ft. stonepines towering over the Chateau. The Hentschels and their dedicated staff consider themselves caretakers of the Double H Ranch and have continually sought to maintain its quality and to respect its history. The proud traditions of fine accommodations, dining and service, as well as the reverence for equestrian excellence, remain the unwavering values in the story of this exceptional property.

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